Copper alloy double stage pressure reducer


Copper alloy double stage pressure reducer


♦Structural characteristics

1. Voltage regulation characteristics: the gas source pressure is in the range of 5-15 MPa, the inlet pressure changes by 1 MPa, and the outlet pressure changes by no more than 7X10-4 MPa.
2. Flow characteristics: When the inlet pressure is greater than 2 MPa, the regulated flow rate changes within the rated range, and the output pressure change is not more than ± 6% of the upper limit of the output pressure gauge.
3. Internal and external leakage rate: <5X10-9Pa.m3/s.
4. The diaphragm in the valve adopts a metal diaphragm to avoid secondary pollution of the high-purity gas by the rubber diaphragm.
5. high pressure structure and good sealing.
6. Compared with the oxygen regulator, the pressure characteristics are significantly improved.
7. The structure is compact and reasonable, and it has many filtering devices, which are tough and durable, and are convenient for replacement and operation of various gases.
8. the variety of specifications are complete, the performance price ratio is high.

♦ Main component materials

Main body: brass
High and low pressure cover: brass
Diaphragm: 316L
Seat: brass
Stem: nylon
Main body: 316L
High and low pressure cover: 316L
Diaphragm: 316L
Seat: 316L