Two-stage pressure reducing valve


Two-stage pressure reducing valve


♦Structural features

1. Voltage regulation characteristics: the gas source pressure is in the range of 5-15 MPa, the inlet pressure changes by 1 MPa, and the outlet pressure changes by no more than 7X10-3 MPa.

2. Flow characteristics: When the inlet pressure is greater than 2 MPa, the regulated flow rate changes within the rated range, and the output pressure change is not more than ± 6% of the upper limit of the output pressure gauge.

3. Internal and external leakage rate: <5X10-9Pa.m3/s.

4. the structure is small, light weight, suitable for gas pressure regulation of the vial of 8 liters or less.

5. The diaphragm in the valve adopts a metal diaphragm to avoid secondary pollution of the high-purity gas by the rubber diaphragm.


♦The main components of the material


1. Main body: brass

2. high and low pressure cover: brass

3. diaphragm: 316L

4. valve seat: brass

5. valve stem: nylon


1. Main body: 316L

2. high and low pressure cover: 316L

3. diaphragm: 316L

4. valve seat: 316L

5. valve stem: polychlorotrifluoroethylene