Nitrogen Generator

  • Dimension(mm): 700*330*498mm
  • Flow Rate: 1 L/H
  • Purity: 99.5%-99.9%
  • Weight(kg): 40
  • ¥0.00
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    Product Introduction

    The nitrogen generator produced by Jinan Deyang is an advanced gas separation technology. It uses membranes imported from South Korea to separate air to produce high-purity nitrogen. The air enters the polymer membrane filter after being compressed and filtered by a compressor. Different solubility and diffusion coefficients lead to different relative permeation rates of different gases in the membrane. Under certain pressure conditions, oxygen and nitrogen are separated by utilizing different permeation rates of gases with different properties such as oxygen and nitrogen in the membrane.

    Product Features

    1) Imported separation membrane, high purity, maintenance-free, long service life.
    2) Built-in professional water separator to prolong the service life of precision filter.
    3)Four-stage filtration system, filtering > 0.01um particles to ensure the purity of nitrogen.
    4)Real-time nitrogen purity display, can clearly observe the purity of nitrogen produced by the machine, with high precision.
    5)The nitrogen gas outlet pressure value can be adjusted to protect the gas-using instrument from damage.
    6) Built-in compressor, no need for external configuration, and the use of suspended settings, low noise.

    •    Trading term:FOB  QINGDAO
    •    Payment term:By T/T
    •    Lead Time:5days for 1-10units
                        10days for 10-40units
                        15days for 40-50units
                        To be negotiated for 100units
    •    One year guarantee for wearing parts.

    •    Due to the quality problems caused by customers' use, we provides paid services.