Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

  • Mouth Diameter (mm): 50
  • Empty Weight (kg): 5.8
  • Height (mm): 550
  • Storage LN2 (days): 100
  • ¥0.00
    Description Use and Attention Washing method is as follows Static liquid nitrogen daily evaporation test

    Introduction to Liquid Nitrogen Dewar



    Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

            The liquid nitrogen biological container is mainly used for breeding livestock semen frozen storage (AL) and cryopreservation of human organs, skin, blood, cell , industrial cooling assembly ,cold treatment of metallic materials ,cryogenic  comminution , superconducting and other aspects .With the development of science and technology and the needs of industrial and agricultural production , it will be quickly spread and application , and show a bright future.

           Liquid nitrogen biological container has the characteristics of light weight, easy to carry and good refrigeration performance. The shell is made of high-strength aviation special rust-proof aluminum alloy, double-layer vacuum structure, ultra-adiabatic design, small evaporation and long liquid nitrogen storage time Widely used in animal husbandry, medical treatment, scientific research, storage of semen, embryos, bacteria, vaccines, skin, organs and other active materials as well as industrial, cryogenic treatment, molecular food , beauty freckle, cold therapy ,etc.


    Model Introduction

      YDS-口 口 口
                          |   |    |
                        A   B   C     

             YDS: means Liquid Nitrogen Biological Container
             A:   volume of container
             B:   NO: storage type, B :transportation type
             C:   Diameter(mm), is not marked it is 50mm

              For example:
               YDS-10: volume:10L ,diameter:50mm, storage type
               YDS-30B-80: volume:30L ,diameter:80mm,transport type


    Structure Introduction

      The container by the outer liner ,liner ,neck tube ,insulation material ,suction nozzle ,cylinder etc.

         1.Outer liner, inner liner is composed of a high strength ,special corrosion resistant Aluminum Alloy plate made of durable.
         2.The neck tube is made of special glass fiber reinforced plastic with high strength and low heat conductivity.

         3.Insulation material is filled between the inner liner and the outer liner, laminated winding made use of advanced technology.
         4.The neck plug is made of special material ,and has the dual function of reducing the evaporation of liquid nitrogen and the fixing of the lifting  cylinder.
         5.Vacuum nozzle is an important part of vacuum sealing ,which must be strictly protected.
         6.Protection cover , when moving or carrying container to protect the container , there is a certain heat preservation effect ,can reduce the amount of evaporation.



    Classification of Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

    ♦Liquid nitrogen storage tank (storage type): Liquid nitrogen is stored for a long time and is suitable for long-term preservation of active biological materials in a standing room. The conventional model has several buckets. The conventional model of liquid nitrogen tanks is usually equipped with three round buckets. The storage type liquid nitrogen tank can be used to place specimens, cells, etc. for cryopreservation.

    ♦Liquid nitrogen storage tank (transport type): Supported in the inner bladder, resistant to transportation and vibration, suitable for indoor stationary and long-distance transportation.

    ♦There is also a self-pressurized liquid nitrogen tank: it can not store anything else (except liquid nitrogen), the product structure is provided with liquid nitrogen vaporization self-pressurizing pipeline, using the heat outside the container to make a little liquid nitrogen vaporize to generate pressure, The liquid nitrogen is output and can be transported.
          •Classified by volume: storage liquid nitrogen containers from large to small: 2L, 3L, 5L, 6L, 10L, 15L, 20L, 30L, 35L
         •Transport and storage of two-purpose liquid nitrogen biological containers from large to small: 10L, 15L, 30L, 35L, 50L, 100L
         •Self-pressurized liquid nitrogen container: 50L, 100L, 175L, 200L, 300L, 500L
         •Classified according to different calibers: 35mm, 50mm, 80mm, 125mm, 500mm


    Portable Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

    Model  Volume(L)  Diameter(mm)  Height(mm)  Empty Weight(kg)  Mouth Diameter(mm)  Storage LN2(days) 
    YDS-10-80  10  304  560  5.9  80  62 
    YDS-2-30  224  420  2.3  30  30 
    YDS-10-50  10  304  550  5.8  50  100 
    YDS-6-50  287  445  50  60 
    YDS-3-50  3.15  224  450  3.2  50  30 


    Storage Type Liquid Nitrogen Dewar


    Model  Volume (L)   Diameter (mm)   Height (mm)   Empty Weight (kg)   Mouth Diameter (mm)   Storage LN2 (days)  
    YDS-10-210  10  304  520  7.6  210 
    YDS-10-125  10  304  540  6.1  125  30 
    YDS-15-125  16  354  600  8.2  125  50 
    YDS-30-210  35  438  680  16.6  210  80 
    YDS-30-125  31.5  438  700  15.4  125  100 
    YDS-30-80  31.5  438  700  13.8  80  150 
    YDS-35-210  35  438  740  17  210  85 
    YDS-35-125  35.5  438  740  16.5  125  110 
    YDS-35-80  35.5  438  740  16  80  170 
    YDS-35-50  35.5  438  740  14.6  50  290 
    YDS-30-50  30  438  700  13.8  50  260 
    YDS-20-50  31  384  640  11.2  50  175 
    YDS-15-50  16  354  600  8.2  50  150 
    YDS-10  10  304  520  7.6  210 
    YDS-15  16  354  600  8.2  125  50 
    YDS-20  21.6  384  640  11.2  125  100 
    YDS-30  31.5  438  700  13.8  80  150 
    YDS-35  35.5  438  740  14.6  50  290 
    YDS-2-30  2.8  304  420  5.8  30  100 
    YDS-3  3.6  224  450  2.3  50  30 
    YDS-6  6.7  304  560  5.9  50  62 

    This series of products has the advantage of small size ,light weight ,easy to carry ,compact  and portable ,low nitrogen consumption in the static storage day , economic benefits.
      1.The use of high-strength aerospace aluminum manufacturing.
      2.The product is easy to long-term preservation of biological specimens ,easy to carry.
      3.Equipped with protective cover, it can prevent collision and injury in use.
      4.The numbered barrel for easy identification and independent access to samples.
      5.Matching lock cover, in order to protect the safety of storage samples.
      6.The product has a high vacuum multilayer insulation design, providing no less than five years of vacuum .



    Transport Liquid Nitrogen Dewar


    Model  Volume (L)   Diameter (mm)   Height (mm)   Empty Weight (kg)   Mouth Diameter (mm)   Storage LN2 (days)  
    YDS-80B-210  80  480  900  28  80  120 
    YDS-60B-210  60  476  815  23  60  100 
    YDS-50B-210  50  476  815  22.3  210  75 
    YDS-50B-80  50  476  815  22.6  80  160 
    YDS-50B-125  50  476  815  23.2  125  120 
    YDS-100B-210  100  606  1001  32  210  140 
    YDS-35B-50  35.5  438  740  16.7  50  185 
    YDS-30B-50  31.5  438  700  14  50  170 
    YDS-50B-50  50.5  476  815  20.7  50  220 
    YDS-100B-210  80  480  900  28  80   
    YDS-30B-50  60  476  815  23  60   
    YDS-35B-50  50  476  815  22.3  210   
    YDS-50B-125  50  476  815  22.6  80   
    YDS-50B-210  50  476  815  23.2  125   
    YDS-50B-50  100  606  1001  32  210   
    YDS-50B-80  35.5  438  740  16.7  50   
    YDS-60B-210  31.5  438  700  14  50   
    YDS-80B-210  50.5  476  815  20.7  50   

    The series of products are designed for the need of artificial transfer of biological samples or transportation of liquid nitrogen, with the dumping ,suitable for long-distance transportation ,safety ,reliability .



    Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Accessories


    ♦ Pail

       The product using stainless steel , resistant to low temperature of glass ,cloth winding glass rod can prevent the transmission of liquid nitrogen , and the use is convenient .The series of products have a multi-layer tube ,storage capacity of large samples ,designed for biological institute ,hospital storage and design.

    ♦ Cover lock

    1. the use of high-strength non-toxic rubber manufacturing。
    2.It has the corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance,the advantage can prevent frost crack and frost  collapse。
    3.The product is composed of two parts, upper cover and the lower cover ,the user can select lock for container storage sample preservation and management.



    Use and Attention


     ♦The container can only be used for filling liquid nitrogen ,please not filling other liquid gas, in use is strictly prohibited during collision , so as not to damage the tank of high vacuum state. it is forbidden to use storage tank transportation tank . nitrogen transport and need to special transportation tank .prohibit use of sealing plug sealed tank mouth, in order to avoid liquid nitrogen to evaporate to form nitrogen increased pressure and accidents.
     ♦Pail operation
    The use of pail, quickly fetching ,so as not reduce the storage of biological activity of samples, when the lifting tube into the container after, rapid cover on the plug ,to reduce the consumption of liquid nitrogen; lifting barrel out please be careful , not scratch neck tube wall.
     ♦Add liquid nitrogen                      
    Please add the liquid nitrogen in a timely manner ,when the liquid nitrogen allowance is equal to the full capacity of the 1/3,should be added in a timely manner appropriate , so as not to reduce the biological activity of samples.
     ♦Air circulation
    Although nitrogen is odorless and non-toxic gas, it's might cause indoor nitrogen content increased under a poor ventilation evaporation and the oxygen content would be decreased relatively that may affect user's healthy. Therefore, the storing place needs to enhance the ventilation and keep the air fresh.
     ♦Protective neck tube
    The container has been used for a long time, the inner wall of the tube neck will frost, ice, please use the hot blowing machine(such as hair dryer)
     ♦Protective neck plug
    The neck plug is made of polyurethane foam , in the process of use , please gently ,so as not to break the core plug.
     ♦Wash and dry
    During use of container, the water will be slowly accumulate at internal bile and multiply bacteria and pollute the liquid nitrogen. That will cause considerable corrosion of the liner, also the proliferation of bacteria will reduce the sperm efficiency. Therefore, it is better to wash the container 1-2 times a year.



    Washing method is as follows

    1.Remove the pail from the container and allow it to stand for about two days. The high temperature in the container will rise to about 0℃.
    2.Fill the inner tank with warm water at 40-50℃ and scrub it with cloth.
    3.Rinse with water 2-3 times
    4.Upside down container, make it dry, you can use natural and hot air drying methods. If the use of hot air drying, the temperature should be limited to 40-50℃ between the avoidance of more than 60℃ hot air.




    Static liquid nitrogen daily evaporation test

    ♦The test environment temperature is 20±3℃, without the lifting tube, cover the neck plug.
    ♦The container was filled with liquid nitrogen more than 1/2 volume, static for 48 hours for the first weigh1.The test environment temperature is 20±3℃, without the lifting tube, cover the neck plug.
    ♦The container was filled with liquid nitrogen more than 1/2 volume, static for 48 hours for the first weighing A(g), the second weighing B(after 3 days), according to the following formula evaporation Q.

      Q= (A-B)/3 (g/day)
      If you need capacity (liters) said, with the following conversion:
      D=Q/808 (L/day)