Maintenance service

Maintenance service


Maintenance service for cryogenic  cylinders


 In addition to the production capacity of welded and insulated gas cylinders of various specifications and models, Deyang company also has a professional maintenance team and maintenance equipment, which can repair and maintain a series of problems in various specifications and types of welded thermal insulation cylinders, such as: vacuum damage, within Leakage, leakage; vacuum failure; safety accessories damage (including safety valves, rupture discs, pressure gauges, level gauges, valves, etc.); automatic boost; valves are not vented or liquid; no pressurization; The handrail roll collides and deforms; the outer bladder collides with the concave; the neck shrinkage and other problems.
      All the cylinders  are repaired and maintained in our company .

Comparison of domestic and foreign maintenance services


Area Vacuum Protection  Valve Parts 
Domestic 3 years  1 year 
Foreign 4 years  18 months(1.5 years)