Best Price Lar Liquid Argon /ISO Tank

CAS No.: 7440-37-1
Formula: Ar
EINECS: 231-147-0
Constituent: Industrial Pure Air
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Chemical Property: Non-Flammable Gas

Product Description

Liquid Argon - LAR

Proper Shipping Name: Argon, refrigerated liquid
UN NO.: UN 1951
Hazard labels: 2.2-Non-flammable gas
Package: ISO TANK
Filling weight: 22-24 Tons/Tank
Purity: 99.9997%

Argon Gas(Ar) > 99.999%
Liquid argon ( LAR) > 99.9995%
Argon gas with mixture gas  
Main Gas Balance gas Valve
Argon Gas Helium: 1ppm-50% CGA 580
Argon Gas Hydrogen: 1ppm-50% CGA 350
Argon Gas Nitrogen: 1ppm-50% CGA 580

ISO Tank Container

The 20-foot ISO framework type tank container is applicable to Intermodal transportation. Marine, highway, and railroad transportation. With its overall dimensions conforming to the ISO standards, the tank container has a rating for as high as 9 high stacking loaded. Various components such as valves, safety accessories, heating, cooling components, insulation, walkway, and ladders can be configured according to specific client needs and product requirements to store and transport chemicals globally.

We work directly with each customer to ensure their specific needs are met. Our ISO tank containers can be heated or non-heated, insulated or non-insulated with multiple storage capacities.

We meet all safety standards and regulations so customers can transport a variety of liquids, including water, fuel, food-grade products, hazardous chemicals, Bitumen, compressed gases and more. All ISO tanks are designed to meet your specific needs.


Medium: LO2 /LN2 /LAr/LCO2 /LN2O/LNG/ LC2H4/ LC2H6

1.0 General
Type of product : Intermodal ISO Container UN T75
Medium : LO2 /LN2 /LAr/LCO2 /LN2O/LNG/ LC2H4/ LC2H6
MAWP. : 22 bar
Water capacity : 21 100 Liters
Filling ratio : 95%/90%/80%
Tare weight : 8 700kg(f3%)
Load weight : 27 300 kg
Maximum gross weight: : 36 000 kg
Stacking : 192 000 kg
Design code : ISO1496 ,IMDG ,ADR , RID , ASME, US-DOT
Approvals : CCC, CSC
Approval and inspection
: Lloyd's Register
2.0 Inner vessel
Design code : ASME SECT.Đ DIV.1 with U stamp(Mandatory  Appendix 44)
Material : Stainless steel(SA240 304N)
Design temperature : 50ć
MDMT : -196ć
Baffles : Two transverse baffles
Surface treatment : Pickling
3.0 Out jacket
Material : Carbon steel(Q345R)/Stainless steel(S30408)
Design temperature : 50ć
MDMT : -40ć
Surface treatment : Shot blast to SA 21/2
4.0 Insulation
Type of insulation : Vacuum with multi-layer super insulation
Vacuum : ≤0.1Pa( Warm)
Net evaporation rate : 0.34% /d ( LN2 )
(ambient conditions:100kPa and 15ć)

Best Price Lar Liquid Argon /ISO Tank